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Bastian Solutions of Canada is searching to add an intelligent individual to our team to lead and grow our sales team. This person is responsible for all aspects of Bastian Solutions business in the Country of Canada. He partners with all other Bastian Solutions Business Units for their mutual success. The Canada Country Director assists the Vice President in executing strategic business goals and taking on corporate responsibilities.  He or she is responsible for increasing our market share, sales volume and geographic footprint within the region.  The Canada Country Director should be devoted to growing revenue and marketshare year over year.


Superior Performance Objectives:

  • Demonstrated Leadership (Direct Management Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys).
  • Ability to sell strategically and close $1M plus orders.
  • Hits agreed Profitability goals (NIAT/ Total Revenue).
  • 20% Sustained Growth Rate (Market Share, Revenues, and NIAT). Trailing Twelve Month Average.
  • Superior Customer Service (as measured by our customers: repeat business and reputation).
  • Maintains relationships with assigned accounts and continues to sell yearly to these accounts
  • Happy and motivated employees. "Employer of Choice" with a great Corporate Culture. (360 Degree Employee Surveys)
  • Formulates and executes Strategic Business Goals. Gets assignments done.
  • Consistent communications with the President. Communicates bad news (loss of monies on jobs, HR issues, etc.) in addition to good news. Timely completion of task list items.



  • MBA (preferred) and Bachelors (Engineering Background Preferred) with 5 years practical business experience.
  • Exceptional and proven sales management background
  • Strong understanding of basic accounting principles
  • Certified in AutoCad
  • Strong computer skills with: MS Office and MS AX.
  • Material Handling Logistics Courses
  • Outstanding demonstrated performance in preceding career path.



  • Excellent Coach and Motivator to the Employees.
  • Demonstrated passion and energy to be competitive and get the job done.
  • Enjoys success through your employee's successes.
  • Proactive in addressing conflicts.
  • Humble
  • Persistence in "good" and "tough" market conditions (staying power).
  • Very organized and efficient in getting the "important" objectives done as opposed to the "urgent" tasks.
  • Great "Vision" on where you want to take your business. Great strategic and tactical plans on how to get there.
  • Holds employees accountable to high standards.
  • Excellent recruiting abilities to seek out, hire, and retain the best talent.
  • Serves your employees.
  • Strong relationship with the Vice President characterized by mutual trust and respect.
  • Positive, energetic, and optimistic (Strong Emotional Leadership).
  • Excellent sense of the morale and cultural heartbeat of the company.
  • Willing to challenge the Vice President's and other Manager's ideas. Speak your mind.
  • Comfortable operating autonomously.


General Responsibilities:

  • Closes $1 M plus jobs. (NBD)
  • Executes large projects successfully (on time, within budget)
  • Coach and mentor the Sales Force to meet their annual goals.
  • Superior Customer Service (as measured by our customers: repeat business and reputation).
  • Conduct effective annual employee reviews on or before their anniversary dates.
  • Continually enhance internal and external processes (automation, policies, procedures, etc.)
  • A strong "top down" network with complimentary business partners and decision makers.
  • Recruiting and hiring the best talent (career development)
  • Excellent representation and development of our key supplier product lines and services. (Supplier / Subcontractor Surveys)
  • Maintains extremely strong customer relationships (the strength of a distributor / systems integrator)
  • Create and maintain effective individual employee incentive plans:
    • Aligned goals (Customers, the Company, and the Employee)
    • Clearly understood metrics (scoreboard)
    • Reasonable control to affect performance.
    • Timely distribution of the incentive dollars.
    • Potential incentive is greater than 10% of the employee's annual income.
    • Incentive trails to a disincentive (loss of dollars) if not executed timely.
    • Income levels for superior performers are 15% above market levels for an equivalent position.
  • Negotiate discounts with suppliers
  • Review major proposals (greater than $75,000) for accuracy and risk assessment (terms and conditions) prior to release.
  • Ensure your sales force has the best selling tools
  • Conduct a bi-weekly update meeting (no more than 1 hour).
  • Negotiate customer contracts.
  • Assist project managers in the field during start-up or as necessary if they are struggling.
  • Spend time working with each of your employees in their specific job function to ensure effectiveness, productivity, and consistency with established policies and procedures.
  • Supervise Dealer and VAR networks.
  • Sell and promote sister business unit products and services.
  • Prepare all sales forecasts and create the new annual budgets.
  • Create and monitor performance metrics vs. goal.
  • Out in the field at least 2 times per week. Out with each sales person at least once per month.
  • Territory / Account Managers.
  • Customer Satisfaction calls following implementation.
  • Assist the sales force with presentations. (Power Point)
  • Develop new Accounts (New Business Development)
  • Go on site at least monthly to check the progress of major systems.
  • Participate in the monthly financial review meeting of all ongoing projects. If segments of the job are not doing well, get involved to get the issues corrected.
  • Conduct training for all positions. Cross training between sales and between admin and sales.
  • Review and comment to your sales force (both bad and good) on the weekly MS AX reports.
  • Review and maintain the office schedule (Outlook). Coordinate and approve vacations.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and professionalism of the office and surrounding grounds.
  • Consistently communicate the Direction and Goals of your company.
  • Any and all job duties as assigned.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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