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The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the most valuable resource in the company; our people. The director is responsible for developing and executing our human resource strategy, and assuring the success and pride of our employees and for all HR related activities which include; strategic initiatives, talent acquisition, career development, recruiting, benefits, retention, and training. The Director of Human Resources reports to the President of Bastian Solutions and works closely with all departments and business units. The Director of Human Resources provides strategic leadership by articulating the HR Needs and plans to the executive management team. 


Superior Performance Objectives:

  • Strong business acumen in order to effectively blend corporate strategy with personnel demands. 
  • Ability to lead and direct corporate management staff who are responsible for our employees of the company. 
  • Great Talent acquisition: within a reasonable time frame, 360 degree surveys by peers in the top 50 percentile.
  • Early detection and correction of issues that can hurt our corporate culture
  • Participation and contribution toward our Corporate Strategic Goals
  • Positive Employee Survey results on how happy they are working at our company
  • Coaching of our Managers: Annual Evaluations, Career Development...
  • Close communications with the President on action items and both good news and bad news
  • Accurate financial review and analysis: Pay and Incentive Systems, Benefits.



  • Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in HR or equivalent (MBA)
  • Strong understanding of  employment law with the ability to direct the business. 
  • Strong Leadership capabilities
  • 6-15 years successful experience serving in an HR role
  • Proven success in organizational development.
  • SPHR or SHRM-SCP Certification Strongly Preferred. 



  • Excellent perception of how the employees are doing. Ability to anticipate problems and correct them before they grow
  • Someone our employees enjoy going to talk with
  • Strong relationship with the President characterized by mutual trust and respect
  • Very Organized. Ability to get into the details of all HR and Benefits administration
  • Excellent Communicator in all conditions. 
  • Positive, Energetic, and Optimistic; great team player.
  • Has a good sense of the morale and cultural heartbeat of the company.
  • Comfortable operating independently, autonomously in shaping the culture and morale of the Bastian Solutions businesses
  • Strong sense of customer service. (Servants heart)
  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office products including Excel. 

General Duties: 

Duties will be accomplished by the HR Team supporting the Director.


  • Visit our various offices and have a good feel for the culture and happiness in each office. Make recommendations on how      to improve.
  • All Bastian Solutions employee individual job descriptions are current, in the proper format, are posted on the intranet, and are reviewed with the employee at least annually for accuracy and agreement
  • Annual evaluations are conducted within 30 days of the employee's anniversary date and are conducted effectively in      accordance with our policy on "how to conduct annual evaluations".
  • Direct Human Resource Team in developing, administering, and performing talent acquisition, employee engagement and      retention, culture development, performance management, employee relations, and organizational design.      
  • Exceptional Skills in Consulting, Coaching, and Advising Senior Leaders including the President and CEO. 
  • Direct the Human Resource Team in transactional employment processes including Payroll, Salary Administration, Heath      Benefits, HR Metrics, and Safety. 
  • Provide guidance with employee safety and environmental health initiatives to ensure a safe and secure working      environment and maintain compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) standards
  • Oversee salary administration and incentive programs; counsel and advise management on pay competitiveness,      internal equity, promotions and job reclassifications to meet organizational objectives
  • Maintain current knowledge and understanding of regulations, industry trends, best practices, new developments and applicable laws regarding human resources and organizational development
  • Act as a senior level advisor on human resources and organizational development issues to executives and all level of employees throughout the company
  • Ensure employees are challenged and coached and cared for to be the best they can be, and have a great deal of pride in      their work
  • Effective Career Development and training program by individual
  • Maintain and continuously improve our Corporate Policy Manual
  • Accomplish Corporate Strategic Business Goals
  • Recruiting Strategy: Match Corporate growth strategy to recruiting. Keep raising the bar with the talent brought into      the company. Effective "On Campus" Recruiting
  • Ability to blend employee utilization with work demands, don't over or under hire. 
  • Manage the employee's financial incentives to emphasize performance (target minimum of 10% incentive). 
  • "Employer of Choice" culture/ environment in all of our offices
  • Communicate frequently with the President, CEO,  CFO, and Board members on issues of concern along with the appropriate recommended action. Timely completion of all task list action items
  • Strong Leadership and Delegation capabilities. 
  • Ability to anticipate and resolve employment litigation risks.
  • Annual Service Awards are prepared and presented on time
  • Recruiting Priorities are reviewed with the president every other month
  • Boot Camp training for new employees and Leadership Training for our Management.
  • Corporate Recruiting: Recruiting materials, On Campus recruiting, table top display. Recruiting fairs.
  • Great Benefits Administration (Medical / Dental / Life). Conduct competitive analysis and benchmarking including Cobra. 
  • Disability reporting and administration
  • Workers compensation reporting and NCCI factors
  • 401K plan administration and reporting
  • FMLA administration
  • Employee Incentive (Salary Administration) and Utilization Management (Efficiency)
  • Compensation Plan review for all employees.
  • Creating new job descriptions for newly created  positions and posting them to the web. Record Keeping / Employee      Information / Compliance
  • Conduct Exit Interviews
  • Affirmative Action Plan
  • Maintain compliance with all Federal, State, and Local laws as they pertain to our employees. Government reporting      requirements and organization size implications
  • Intern programs: indoctrination, assignment of a  mentor, interim performance reviews, exit evaluation and interview
  • Daily open door policy to listen and council employee complaints and concerns.
  • Maintain our recruiting resource document current on the Intranet
  • Out placement for employees that have been let go if appropriate
  • Company Alumni program. (For those that are appropriate, see if we can eventually hire them back.)
  • Assist with the international employee citizenship process
  • Responsible for all employee surveys
  • I-9 requirements
  • EEOC issues and reporting
  • Updated Harassment policies and procedures
  • Updated Interviewing procedures and policies

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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